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    Model-based Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)

    Rapidly reduce the risk and increase the product safety, reliability, availability, maintainability using a model-based approach during concept definition for the initial design. Use qualitative functional simulation to support analysis that will identify and mitigate potential engineering risks based on technical, operational and economic consequences. Build a Digital Risk Twin of your system to identify the expected behavior and the impact of potential failures and risks associated with a design configuration in an objective, repeatable, and traceable process.


    Using qualitative simulation, you will be able to easily analyze and understand the potential impact of design decisions on product safety, reliability (technical risk), and its operational availability before it becomes impractical to change the configuration of the product. This allows you to design-for-reliability and link functional failures for each maintainable item and identify the most cost-effective maintenance approach tailored to the asset usage.

      Simulation Capabilities in RAMS includes:

    • Design for Reliability and Maintainability - Enable your engineers to generate design and service recommendations at each stage of the product lifecycle.
    • Operational Availability - Ensure the accuracy of the budget estimation for a proposal.
    • Safety and Risk Assessment - Analyse and understand the criticality of functional risks in a design configuration.