Simcenter Flotherm is the leading electronics cooling simulation software for accurate, fast thermal analysis and supports the development of a thermal digital twin. It provides pre-CAD concept design space exploration, increasing analysis fidelity during development by incorporating ECAD and MCAD data, to final design verification. With over 32 years of user feedback-driven development, Simcenter Flotherm provides thermal simulation at the component, IC package, PCB, and enclosure levels, to large systems including data centers. Engineers can predict junction temperature, understand airflow and heat transfer to avoid risks of costly design re-spins. Leveraging optimization, and capabilities such as calibration to Simcenter T3STER thermal measurement, you can achieve the best thermal design for reliability faster.


Why Simcenter Flotherm?

At the heart of electronics products are populated printed circuit boards (PCBs). Simcenter Flotherm provides a wide range of PCB modeling levels to maxi-mize solution speed and accuracy as data becomes available across the development workflow. Simple block models use an analytical approach to calculate the effective PCB thermal conductivity in early design before the details of the board or layout are clear. In late design Simcenter Flotherm’s image-based processing of metal distribution efficiently captures the local effect of copper variation across and through the board

Electronics cooling applications require full conjugate heat transfer as the norm, not as a special case, along with the ability to account for solar loading and thermal radiation between the large numbers of objects that typically make up an electronics system.Multiphysics simulations are supported, capturing Joule heating in electrical conductors such as power supply nets and power planes, and even in bond wires in power packages. Multiphysics modeling also captures the latent heat effect of packaged phase change mate-rials (PCMs).

Simcenter Flotherm supports the widest range of component thermal models. This enables fast evaluation of architec-tural choices and design space explora-tion during conceptual design using simple block and 2-Resistor models. Detailed, 2- Resistor and DELPHI thermal resistor models can be created with Simcenter Flotherm Pack Software-as-a-Service.

Modern electronics products rely on advanced, software-based thermal man-agement strategies, which are sup-ported through temperature-dependent component powers. Simcenter Flotherm also supports transient frequency-based power control based on monitored tem-perature and transient thermostatic control.

Simcenter Flotherm’s unstructured Cartesian-based InstaMesh™ technology delivers instantaneous and totally robust meshing, with multicore parallel solvers on Windows and Linux capable of handling the level of complexity and number of discrete objects found in modern electronics products.Mesh settings are associated with the geometry preserving resolution if objects are moved within the model or added to the library for future use and sharing

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Benefits of Flotherm

  • Frontloading thermal design prevents late-design re-spins and can eliminate physical prototyping
  • Full workflow embedding and supply chain support through drag-and-drop library capability
  • Right-by-design cooling solution minimizes product weight and cost
  • Use to choose cooling strategy from product conception to final design
  • Rapid model creation supported by Smartparts™
  • Fast and robust meshing and solution supports fully-automated design space exploration and design optimization
  • Unique Flexx licensing option gives access to run either Simcenter™ Flotherm™ or Simcenter™ Flotherm™ XT