Simcenter 3D Licensing

Simcenter™ 3D is a unified, scalable, open and extensible environment for 3D CAE with connections to design, 1D simulation, test, and data management.

Simcenter 3D Value-Based Licensing

Simcenter 3d provides multi-discipline solutions in a single common user environment. Value-based (or tokens) licensing provides a cost - effective way for users to access the full range of simcenter 3d capabilities.

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Flexible Licensing available

Key Requirements
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Easy to share
  • Cloud Enabled
  • Easy to Manage

What is Value Based Licensing?

  1. Value based licensing (vbl) is an additional licensing method accessed through the token packs.
    1. Operates by the same flex license server as used for module-based simcenter 3d licenses
      1. Users can have mix of token license and module-based licenses
  1. Requires “Base Application” to enable the use of tokens.
    1. Tokens apply only for additional Product Modules configured on top of “Base Application” which is a module-based “Desktop” license (perpetual or lease/recurring)
  1. Base Application can be any of the following
    1. SC12500 Simcenter engineering desktop
    2. SC12510 Simcenter engineering desktop add-on
    3. SC13500 Simcenter structures
    4. SC13510 Simcenter structures add-on

Why Value Based Licensing?

    Provides flexibility to customers
  1. Allows access to various applications without having to buy specific products
  2. Accommodates changes in customer capability usage over time
  3. Customers can try-out new capabilities without having to purchase a license
  4. Cost efficient licensing model for customers that need access to variety of capabilities

How Value Based Licensing Works?

  1. User always need to run abse application that uses module based licensing
  2. Additional Simcenter 3D applications can be run using,
    1. Module based licensing or
    2. Value based (tokens) licensing
  3. Licenses for additional simcenter 3D applications are checked out as follows,
    1. First a module based license is checked out if applicable. If not available….
    2. Tokens are checked out. If not available….
    3. License fault message
  4. When tokens are used,
    1. Each application consumes a defined number of tokens
    2. The same number of tokens are checked-in when application ends
    3. Total number of applications that can be checked out on top of the Base Application is limited by the number of tokens that the user has available.