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Faster, more efficient automotive design

Automotive companies to find new ways to improve vehicle performance and design to change the consumer preferences and regulatory pressures. These pressures profoundly impact the design and engineering processes. Siemens has worked in close partnership with automotive companies for many years to produce automotive-specific design tools that incorporate industry best practices.

efficient automotive design

Simcenter 3D

Simcenter 3D provides a full suite of CAE tools that work within a fully integrated with NX for product development system from concept design through manufacturing. Within the Automotive & Transportation industry, Simcenter 3D is widely used and gives the ability to study all the automotive parts for CAE simulations. The Simcenter 3D solution overview includes,

  • Structural and dynamic analysis of Automotive parts includes chassis, powertrain components etc.
  • Durability, fatigue analysis for composite materials.
  • Acoustic simulation – NVH to check the vibration, noise within vehicle dynamics
  • Thermal-fluid analysis for HVAC systems, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injection systems, braking systems.
  • Motion simulation for drive mechanism, suspensions, etc.
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Simcenter FloEFD

Simcenter FloEFD is a frontload CFD solution, which can be integrated with your CAD tool and perform CFD simulations. Simcenter FloEFD for Automotive and Transportation industry simulation includes,

  • External Aerodynamics - Analyse and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle chassis
  • Exhaust Pipe & Manifold - to improve flow performance and thermal behaviour.
  • Clutch Fluids- Analyze flow of transmission fluid into geared components within an automotive clutch housing modelled
  • Engine Cooling - Analyze heat transfer within an automotive cylinder head
  • Climate Control - Analyze climate control functions and passenger comfort
  • Catalytic Converter - Analyze flow distribution, pressure drop and heat transfer
  • In-cylinder Flow - Analyze in-cylinder flow field
  • Engine control Units- Analyze thermal performance of motor control unit
  • Climate Control Fans - to create uniform airflow at the outlets
  • WindScreen Wiper- Prediction of airflow over windscreen wiper
  • Turbocharger Engine - Optimization of blade geometry and volute design
  • Brake Disk Cooling - Analysis of thermal behavior of brakes and cooling performance
  • Lighting & LED- Heat transfer within an automotive headlight
  • Valves & Regulators- analyze and reduce pressure drop
  • Dashboard Electronics Cooling - Analyze and improve the thermal behavior of automotive electronics such as dashboard electronics
  • Fuel Injector Cavitation - simulate flow through an automotive fuel injector showing the development of cavitation as the downstream pressure is reduced
  • Battery Cooling (Electric Vehicles) - More efficient, lighter weight and low cost batteries
  • Automotive Heat Exchanger - Optimize water flow distribution to minimize performance issues
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Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim supports early design phases by allowing you to create simulation models for range and performance. It also enables you to create advanced vehicle energy management models, including predictive dynamic modeling of the engine, powertrain, battery, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and all associated thermal management systems for any kind of vehicle, be it conventional, hybrid or electric.The software also helps you win the electrifi-cation race by providing the appropriate tools to embrace this technology evolution. To manage the complexity that comes with introducing a new energy source into the vehicle, Simcenter Amesim offers state-of-the-art multilevel modeling for all critical subsystems, such as internal combustion engine, electric machine, battery and trans-mission. On top of that, it supports your integration processes by delivering the best-balanced design in terms of energy efficiency, performance and drivability for any kind of powertrain architecture.

To prepare for vehicle integration, Simcenter Amesim comes with a large set of application-oriented capabilities that help you size components and optimize subsystem efficiency. Simcenter AMESIM in Automotive industry applications are:

  • Electrified Powertrain - Master the engineering complexity of vehicle electrification. Whether you deal with architecture definition, battery sizing or electric machine design, benefit from efficient modeling work-flows to design and validate subsystems and their integration.
  • Internal combustion engine design and controls - Optimize complete ICE systems, from air management and combustion to exhaust after-treatment. Develop physical plant models to support engine controls development and validation. Study engine integration in a full powertrain and vehicle context.
  • Fuel Injection - Enhance the injector design to minimize the activation energy, perform the proper needle lift and achieve the right fuel delivery.
  • Lubrication - Compute flow rates and energy losses by simulating the integra-tion of hydraulic (pumps, bearings) and mechanical subsystems (crankshafts, camshafts). Analyze pressure dynamics and ther-mal aspects relative to the oil circuit.
  • Valvetrain and Cranktrain - Simulate the dynamic behavior of valvetrains and ckranktrains. Comprehensively evaluate engine subsystem losses to assess their impact on engine efficiency and fuel consumption.
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