Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers solutions for leading companies in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries that recognize the need for a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to answer product development challenges. Our proven, flexible solutions help speed up innovation in the pharmaceutical and medical device development, ensure quality, reduce costs and maintain adherence to ever-changing global regulations, including FDA compliance.

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Industry Segments

Speed to market, quality, cost effectiveness and compliance are all factors affecting today's cardiovascular and neurological medical device markets. Equip your organization with our intelligent solutions to design, develop and manufacture via a seamless multidisciplinary platform and emerge as an industry leader.

Increasingly consumer-centric and personalized healthcare therapies demand innovative design and manufacturing of medical instruments and equipment. Our solutions provide an integrated set of multidisciplinary, mechatronic engineering and manufacturing capabilities, offering faster and easier updates and refinements while on the path to regulatory approval or in production. Innovate with speed and confidence knowing that your design, development, and manufacturing environments will produce cutting-edge medical devices.

The ability to innovate continuously, and with the speed and confidence that your medical device design and manufacturing environment requires, is critical in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. Our solutions for orthopedic and dental device manufacturers provide solutions for personalized and traditional therapies that incorporate innovative design and “smart” manufacturing and technology platforms.

Our solution portfolio for pharmaceutical manufacturers addresses the complexities of global configuration management of varied formulations and packaging, including the ability to simulate manufacturing processes to optimize quality and production yields. Along with our extensive medical device industry solution portfolio, we deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions for combination products and devices.