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Consumer products companies must transform to handle dramatic shifts in the market. Globalization, increased regulatory demands, mobile commerce and changes in consumer behavior are driving consumer products companies to redefine speed-to-market and the required agility of supply chains. Companies can no longer manage complexity without a digital business imperative. Our best practices and software solutions advance the digitalization of consumer products across the enterprise value chain.

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The consumer product industries involve a wide variety of flow complexities ranging from single phase gas and liquid flows to multiphase flows like gas-liquid, gas-solid, liquid-solid and gas-liquid-solid flows. The processes generally involve fluid-solid interactions, particle size distributions, heat transfer, mass transfer and com-bustion. CPI is making a strong shift from traditional rule-of-thumb-based approaches controlled by design experts to simulation-based approaches. Even the his-torically conservative pharmaceutical industry is adopt-ing engineering simulation-based platforms to evaluate equipment designs and complete flow sheets to achieve desired performance and reduce their dependence on experimental evidence. Industry is recognizing the importance of the digital twin in all three of its forms – a twin for product, production plant and the model-based digital twin of the performance of either the product or the production process. Simcenter STAR-CCM+, Simcenter Amesim, Simcenter 3D and gPROMS are some of the leading computational tools that offer modeling alternatives to realistically represent the complex physics involving single phase and multi-phase flows with chemical reactions, gas, liquid, solid combustion, heavily loaded particulate flows coupled with electrochemistry, thermoelectric and electromagnetic processes.

Simcenter Amesim

A shift towards energy efficient home appliances and HVAC devices is one of the key drivers behind the growth of this market. Consumers demand more eco-friendly appliances in order to reduce their environmental impact and lower utility bills. Following stringent energy and safety regulations, many appliances have to be re-engineered to meet minimum per-formance standards.

System simulation helps manufacturers make great strides in developing more efficient appliances. Simcenter Amesim provides all the required capabilities to:

  • Assess performance and power consumption of the refrigerant loop system under transient conditions
  • Correctly size components such as compressors, expansion devices, heat exchangers and electrical motors
  • Assess the performance of heat exchangers starting from the geometry
  • Evaluate innovative architectures such as multi-evaporators or heat pumps
  • Introduce new refrigerants and materials
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Virtually evaluate various control strategies to maximize energy efficiency
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