Accurately represent tire performance to predict important vehicle aspects such as directional stability, braking distance, and ride comfort. Simcenter Tire enables engineers to effectively and precisely model the highly non-linear tire component. This will allow them to analyze the vehicle behavior better and earlier, reducing development time. Simcenter Tire features an end-to-end solution for modeling tires, for vehicle applications ranging from vehicle handling to durability. With ongoing technological developments and a global team of tire modeling engineers, Simcenter is enabling the industry to take the next steps in virtual vehicle developments. Simcenter Tire includes the MF-Tyre/MF-Swift tire model, the MF-Tool tire model parameter tool, and tire testing and engineering services. By combining those elements, Simcenter can deliver customized tire modeling methodologies, providing the optimal balance between simulation accuracy and cost-efficiency. The solution has proven success with numerous vehicle OEMs around the globe.

Simcenter Tire

Benefits from Simcenter Tire

  • Achieve cost efficiency by minimizing required tire testing effort for model parameterization
  • Standardize tire modeling by making it available with all vehicle dynamic simulation packages and industry standard, real-time computation systems
  • Produce accurate and realistic tire-slip characteristics resulting from on-road testing

Application fields

  • Modeling of passenger car, motorcycle, truck and aircraft tires
  • Vehicle-handling evaluations
  • Development of vehicle dynamics control systems, including electronic stability control (ESC) and antilock braking systems (ABS)
  • Parking and turn-slip maneuvers
  • Evaluation of vehicle ride comfort
  • Prediction of road loads for vehicle durability evaluations
  • Active and passive safety rollover prediction