Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services that covers all aspects of the ship lifecycle, from concept design through production to operations and optimized service lifecycle management. Our broad suite of state-of-the-art software solutions for the marine industry enables you to drive innovation and increase productivity to overcome today’s challenges while transforming your business into the digital enterprise of tomorrow.

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Industry Segments

With traditional design, planning and manufacturing processes falling short of delivering sustainable vessels with lower total cost of ownership and shorter time to market, more and more shipyards are turning towards digital solutions. Learn more about Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions for commercial shipbuilding and how they can help you develop innovative designs, control complex projects, and seize new business opportunities in a challenging market

Today’s naval shipyards need to be able to control large programs, agilely manage change and efficiently handle modularity, while providing greater vessel performance and affordability. Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions for naval shipbuilding enable shipyards to build better ships at more competitive prices and with a shorter production cycle, thereby improving future fleet availability, adaptability, and reliability.

As developers of high-performance equipment for ships and offshore platforms, marine suppliers face many challenges: global competition, multi-site manufacturing, compressed development cycles, total cost-of-ownership reductions, fuel economy, and regulatory emissions standards. These challenges require an integrated set of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions within a unified environment.

To remain afloat in a harsh competitive environment, leisure craft and yacht builders must deliver safe, reliable, robust, high-quality and high-performance vessels on time and within budget. To do this, getting it right first time is critical. Our state-of-the-art design, simulation, program management and manufacturing solutions can be deployed to efficiently and effectively plan, develop and build next-generation leisure craft and yachts.

Faced with unprecedented pressure to reduce emissions and lower lifecycle costs, fleet owners & operators are turning towards digital tools such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to optimize vessel performance, maximize fleet reliability and availability, and increase return on investment. The closed-loop digital twin provides real-time insights that help owners & operators maximize vessel operations through improved fuel efficiencies, increased safety, enhanced crew support, predictive maintenance, and smart logistics.