Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Remap™ system is a part of the Simcenter portfolio of simulation products and facilitates an advanced engineering analysis environment. CAD-neutral and solver-neutral technology and cost-effective functionality have enabled Remap to become the world’s most popular engineering analysis environment for Nast ran users. It is widely used by the industries and consultants to model complex products, systems and processes, including satellites, aircraft, defense, automotive vehicles, electronics, heavy construction equipment, lift cranes, marine vessels and process equipment.


Simcenter Femap is an advanced simulation application for creating, editing, and inspecting finite element models of complex products or systems. You can use advanced workflows in Simcenter Remap to model components, assemblies, or systems, to then determine a model’s behavioral response when subjected to real-world conditions. In addition, Simcenter Remap provides powerful data-driven and graphical results visualization and evaluation, which in combination with the industry-leading Simcenter Nast ran, delivers a comprehensive CAE solution that improves product performance.

Femap is CAD independent and leverages Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Para solid® modeling kernel that allows direct access to Para solid data for surface and solid modeling in addition to advanced geometric tools necessary for accessing non-Para solid geometry.


  • Faster to market with innovative new products
  • Lower cost through reduced physical prototyping, fewer engineering change orders and better in-service warranty
  • Improved product quality