Battery Manufacturing

Battery Modeling and Simulation

One of the key elements of automotive electrification is electric storage technology. Electric storage systems come with a variety of designs and chemistry to fit with the large spectrum of applications, vehicles, and expected performance levels. As a consequence, designing, sizing and selecting the most appropriate storage system always results in a trade-off between key attributes like range, reliability, size, weight, and lifetime.


Siemens Digital Industries Software offers simulation solutions together with engineering services to support multi-scale battery modeling and testing, from micro-structure electrochemistry, cell component to battery systems model, and overall battery performance evaluation during integration.

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers battery modeling and simulation solutions together with engineering and consulting services to accelerate the design and engineering of batteries by virtually exploring design variants and assessing multi-level performance.

Siemens solutions range from system simulation to 3D and CFD simulation, covering the wide scope of engineering domains required for battery systems design. Engineers can easily model various cell chemistry and battery pack designs and evaluate the overall performance in a vehicle context.

Our battery modeling and simulation solutions also enable us to consider battery charging and thermal management aspects and investigate the best possible control strategies for optimal performance. 

Solution Capabilities:

To stay ahead in the innovation race, engineers need to be able to quickly predict the outcome of design changes on the real-world performance of their product. Engineering simulation provides an excellent way for designers and engineers to cost-effectively evaluate how their products will perform under expected operating conditions.

Design exploration software takes simulation to the next level by allowing users to determine appropriate values of variables that yield product designs that result in exceptional performance.

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Meet strict emission regulations while ensuring a high level of vehicle performance and comfort. Simcenter helps you win the electrification race by providing you the appropriate tools to embrace this technology evolution.

Simcenter allows you to answer design questions that matter on vehicle, engine, transmission, and thermal integration. It also offers the required modeling level to simulate all critical electric subsystems. Whether you deal with battery sizing or electric machine design, you will benefit from efficient modeling workflows to support your engineering effort from architecture creation to integration, including detailed design.

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Our comprehensive electrochemistry simulation suite includes the building blocks of electrochemistry, various degrees of fidelity, tailor-made electrochemistry models, multiphase electrochemistry and design exploration capabilities.

With electrochemistry simulation in Simcenter, you can achieve decreased resistances, minimize degradation and attain higher deposition/etching rates. This lowers design/operational/maintenance costs while ushering in innovative new fuel cell types, operating ranges and novel processes and materials.

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Simcenter provides industry leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for fast, accurate simulation of almost any engineering problem that involves the fluids, structures and all of the associated physics.

The real-world performance of your product depends on how it interacts with fluids, either gases, liquids or a combination of both. From designers to CFD engineers to researchers, Simcenter CFD simulation software allows you to predict the most complex fluid dynamics problems virtually and turn these insights into product innovation.

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Thermal management is a major consideration for a wide range of products, including industrial machinery, automobiles and consumer electronics. The objective of any thermal management solution is to maintain a product’s temperature within a range that is optimal for performance. Accomplishing this may require the removal or addition of heat, either passively or in an actively managed fashion, and this can be evaluated using thermal simulation software. Simcenter includes comprehensive, best-in-class thermal simulation capabilities that can help you to understand the thermal characteristics of your product and subsequently tailor your thermal management solution for optimal performance.

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